The new restaurant experience

Go for the QR code Menu contactless & COVID Free !

With Appero, discover a whole new experience in your favorite bars and restaurants. No more long waits at the bar or at your table. 
Order and pay with your smartphone and just enjoy life the rest of the time.

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Scan and access the menu in one click

Aim the QR codes with your phone's camera, click on the link that appears and access the updated menu !

On iOS the QR code reader is natively integrated in the camera (since iphone 6)

On Samsung, activate Bixby in your settings.

On Android, enable the QR code reader in your camera settings.

Or just download Appero !

Order and pay

Place your order from the digital menu and pay securely.

No more waiting at the bar or at your table for the order and the bill.

Enjoy !

You're notified when it's ready. You are served at your table or at the bar and you can make the most of your time...

So isn't life beautiful?

You manage a bar or restaurant and wish to optimize your service ?

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Offer a new frictionless experience to your customers and optimize your service with Appero order management tools.


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