Finally a solution to capture all your customers' orders!

Have you ever wondered what percentage of your customers give up ordering because of waiting?

Between 15% and 20% of bar and restaurant customers give up ordering after 15 minutes of waiting. With Appero put an end to this frustration and get as many orders as possible!

Up-to-date menus accessible anywhere, anytime!

Customized and multilingual menus
Updated menus all the time 
Less paper - More eco-friendly 

Your customers get the menu right away, order and pre-pay.

No more painful waiting
when taking an order or for the bill.


Speed up the service, increase orders and customer satisfaction.

Positive impact on your Tripadvisor, Google Maps reviews etc...


Improve customer loyalty

Your productivity is enhanced as well as the quality of service

Order taking, entry and payment are digitalized.

Up to 25% to 35% time saving on order preparation. No more friction at the order and payment.

Free some time for your staff to focus on the customer experience.



No more order errors or fraud

Let's get started !


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